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GMG Color Management System
Sirivatana uses the GMG Color Management System in color management of the 
digital proofing process. GMG Color Proof is used to create the color profile for each printing
machine in order to standardize the color quality of the printing. The quality of every
digital proof is examined by using GMG Proof Control. All of these workflows are 
controlled by ISO 12647-2 Standard.
Kodak Prinergy Workflow System
Sirivatana uses the Prinergy workflow to manage the process from file checking to RIP. This 
ensures accuracy and rapidity of the process. The Prinergy workflow system is connected to 
our CTP (computer to plate) process, enabling us to produce printing plates digitally. The 
screen of the output plate can be AM Screen, FM Screen, Spekta Dot, Hybrid, or Hexachrome. 
All of which are compatible with our CIP4 data management system used for adjusting 
colors during the press process.

Kodak Harmony Tonal Calibration Software
Harmony software helps in adjusting the quality of the printing to match with the proofs 
by sending the Tone Value Increase (TVI) data to the RIP process in the Prinergy workflow. 
This step reduces any dot gain issues in the printing process

Alwan CMYK Optimizer
Alwan CMYK Optimizer software helps to manage the input files by converting them 
to Sirivatana’s standard file format according to the ISO15930 standard.
Softproof System
Softproof system is used in the color adjusting 
process. The monitor color profile will be created
by using Adjust Monitor software resulting  
in the similar color observed on the monitor and
the printed sheets. The color of the monitor
is certified by using UGRA Display Analysis and
Certification Tool (UDACT) software which is
done by placing the color sample in the light box
(JUST color communication). The light condition 
of the light box is controlled to reduce the 
discrepancy of color vision during the process. All of    
these softproof processes are in conjunction 
with the  ISO12646 standard.

Color Image Control and Print Density Control System (PDCS)   
The company uses the Color Image Control system for our Heidelberg 
machines and PDCS system for Komori ones to ensure the consistency of the printing 
color standard from the first page to the last.
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